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It’s a pleasure to finally offer some of my photos taken at various lacrosse events.

Due to differences in how SmugMug fulfills its digital and print orders, I’ve tried to clean up the ordering process by creating two separate folders for each event (or in some cases by event day),

with each of those containing the same photographs, but one with options to purchase as prints by mail and one as digital files to download.

The digital option will provide you with a file that DOES include my printmark (which is my hand-written initials) in the lower right-hand or left-hand corner. The 4K file will have high resolution and will suffice for social media, web, highlight reels and other forms of digital personal use

Should you desire a print, you will want to order from this site as I have partnered with a highly-regarded service out of the Bay area to fulfill these orders, and you will need to order that specifically in the PRINT folder for each event or event day. Prints DO NOT include my printmark.

All the images you see on this site were each picked and edited by hand and they are protected with a watermark, which WILL NOT appear on either digital or print images you purchase from me.

The file names will not appear on any product -- those appear here to help identify photos. I’ve tried to make sure each image is worthy of enjoyment.

If you desire a print option larger than what is available, please contact me and I can do my best to accommodate your request for a larger version. If you would like an alternative edit of any image you see, or if you’re looking to purchase a non-wordmarked digital image, please contact me directly.

Anyone interested in purchasing a photo for commercial use, such as a club director or event operator, should contact me directly. I retain the copyright to all of the images on this site.