I did go through all of my photos from the 2022 Lake Placid Summit Youth Classic looking for the best possible shots to present.

To make this user friendly, I’ve created two separate galleries of images below — one for the digital version and one with print option(s) for each image.

All images are shown on this site with a watermark simply to protect them. All purchased DIGITAL images will feature my wordmark (my CRV initials) in the lower right or left hand corner. PRINTS will not have the wordmark.

Below is an example of a digital image (with the wordmark) and a what a print would look like without the wordmark.

If you desire a print option larger than what is available, please contact me and I can do my best to accommodate your request for a larger version. If you would like an alternative edit of any image you see, or if you’re looking to purchase a non-wordmarked digital image, please contact me directly.

Anyone interested in purchasing a photo for commercial use, such as a club director or event operator, should contact me directly. I retain the copyright to all of the images on this site.


Untitled photo


Untitled photo